• Do you hate giving up your foodie lifestyle to try to lose weight?

  • Are you tired of regaining the same weight over and over?

  • Do you feel like it's harder to lose weight as you get older?

  • Ready to shop in your own closet and fit in everything you love?

  • Ready to never diet or worry about any of these things ever again?

  • Ready to enjoy social situations and eat whatever you want, knowing you will still fit in your jeans?

  • Ready to have your confidence back?

Well, at least this used to be me.

At many times in my life all of these feelings were very, very true for me.

I've been there.

I've been 65 pounds overweight.

I've been extremely uncomfortable at business meetings and events when I should have been taking over the world instead.

I've wanted to skip parties and weddings because I couldn't find anything to wear.

This describes most of my adult life.

So I felt like even my income depended on me losing weight.

I would lose weight by giving up things I loved just to gain it back again.

It's like I had to lose my passion for life in order to fit in my jeans.

I'll never forget the day I finally decided things had to change.

I had gained weight AGAIN and decided that this time I wouldn't stop until I had figured out how to lose weight without giving up my beloved foodie lifestyle.


I wasn't just going to do this for me. I was going to do this for all of us.

So we could break the chains of low energy and shame and go fulfill our greatest potential.

But first, I had to figure it out.

And truthfully, I gained more weight at first.

Because you know, the foodie part.

And then I got a severe injury that kept me from exercising for 4 months.

But the first step was getting my mindset right anyways, and what better time to do it than at one of the lowest times of my life mentally and physically?

I worked on my mindset while trying strategy after strategy. 

I studied research papers on weight loss and took the common denominators of our most successful nutrition clients to figure it out.

At times I thought it wasn't possible

I 'cracked the code on the forever hidden secret.'

I'm living my forever foodie, and forever fitting in my jeans life.

And I'm going to teach you everything I learned.

This program is so simple and so fun you will wonder where it's been all your life.

This course is held completely online!

The modules and bonuses have been recorded for you.

You have unlimited replays, lifetime access and any future updates to this course if you get the paid in full or payment plan options.

(Meaning, anything I add to this course in the future, is automatically yours.)

Alumni have listened to the course over and over again.

The program starts with mindset and continues right out of the gate with the daily 3 minute strategy, which is the foundation of the program.

Then...it builds week by week, introducing new 'game pieces' you can play to be your happiest forever foodie.

You can consume the content as fast or slow as you want, but from day 1 you will start seeing results.

The cherries on top are the bonuses I decided to add so I could overdeliver for you guys.

I will be going live in our group monthly to conduct strategy hot seats with anyone who needs extra support.

 And if that wasn't enough, I have bite-sized videos I made exclusively for you as  you journey through the program. You can watch a new one every day for months or save them for when you really need extra motivation.

And one more bonus...when you graduate the course you get a discounted invite into my LIMITLESS Mastermind. Because you did the work.

What are the different price points available?

I wanted to have an option for every budget. 

So besides the Paid in Full option ($997), I made a monthly payment plan ($97) that is the equivalent of a latte a day.

I also made a monthly plan ($197) for anyone who wants to just speed through the material and doesn't necessarily need the support and accountability of the online community and my livestreams.

Hear from our forever foodies - Scroll right for more

Cracked the code and uncovered the forever hidden secret

by Sandy Chandler

Julie has cracked the code and uncovered the forever hidden secret! I am officially over the weight wall I have been hitting for years! I no longer obsess over food. I love date nights and spur-of-the-moment-outings. It used to make me anxious because I felt angry trying to figure out what to eat, then felt guilty for getting anything I enjoyed for food and drinks. This is no longer a feeling I have. If I want it, I have it, and I know what it will do and how to make it work for me. I can not thank Julie enough for sharing this amazing secret!! I will NEVER follow another diet plan because Julie is right; they are made for one size fits all, and guess what? We don't all wear the same size!!! I just want to say thank you, Julie. You are an amazing person, and I appreciate you so much!!! I know everyone in this program will be successful!!

This information is so incredibly helpful

Sherry Ross-Cipollini

Thank you for your vulnerability, Julie. This information is so incredibly helpful. I do weight loss in my clinic and I am sharing you with all of my patients!!!

I fit in my fav skinny jeans!

Sheila Holdren

I was not in a good place mentally when I started....I felt defeated like I had tried so many times before and wasn't able to do it. I just dug in and did it and something switched on. I'm 3 months in now and have steadily lost weight. Now, I would describe myself as motivated. I feel like I'm part of a team. The accountability, checking in, and your daily videos have been so inspiring. And yes...I am wearing the cute skinny jeans that were my goal 3 months ago! Over 20 pounds down without sacrificing date night and sweets when I want them.

Pricing options

The Paid In Full Option gives you immediate lifetime access to the Foodie Forever course AND all updates and livestreams happening within the group. The Payment Plan Option allows you the same access, but you get to spread your payments out over time. The monthly subscription allows you access as long as you want to stay subscribed to the program.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • How I Made My Dreams Come True Without Living on Chicken, Brocolli and Sadness

    • This is gonna be awesome!!!!

    • Let's find out where you are and where you wanna go!

  2. 2
    • This is a Big Deal. We are Winning the Game Of LIFE.

    • Bad News For My Ladies - But You Already Knew This And I've Got You

    • Even if You Travel, Eat Out 3x Per Day And Don't Workout

    • We Will NOT Be Killing Our Spirits With Dogma

    • What is The Rhino G-A-M-E?

    • Let It All Go And Just Start With 3 Minutes A Day

    • The Most Exciting Part of The 3 To Thrive...Let's GOOO

    • The Nitty Gritty 'How-to' of the 3 to Thrive (Your 3 Minutes Per Day)

    • What's your biggest takeaway?

    • Before your first strategy session with me....

  3. 3
    • Welcome to Week 2!

    • The Mindset Needed For Our Foodie, Fit In Our Jeans Lifestyle

    • Why YOU can't do YOU wrong

    • The 'A' In G-A-M-E and A Surprising Weight Loss Helper Game Piece

    • A Not-So-Surprising Weight Loss Helper Game Piece With a New Twist

    • A SHOCKING Weight Loss Helper Game Piece That Is About ADDING, not Subtracting

    • How to Choose Game Pieces To Play Without Sabotaging Yourself

    • Week Two Reflection

  4. 4
    • If You Can't _____________ It, Then You Can't ________________ It.

    • But What's the BEST Way??

    • It Becomes a Fun Game of Strategy...the Weekly Strategy No One Has Heard of Before That Is CRUCIAL

    • A Game Piece With a Brand New Way of Using it

    • A Game Piece That has Been Misconstrued by The Fitness Industry

    • A Game Piece That Has Been Unnecessarily Vilified...Which Makes Us Fall Off The Wagon!

    • Week 3 Reflection

  5. 5
    • A Visualization Exercise...With An Added Twist!

    • There is Something BIG Missing...Something We MUST Take Into Account If We are Going to Try To Lose Weight and Keep It Off Forever

    • Aaaand ANOTHER Game Piece That You May Not Realize Affects Our Weight...

    • The FINAL Major Game Piece to Help You Lose Weight and Live Longer.mp4

    • Week 4 Reflection

  6. 6
    • Motivation to Continue - Erin's Story and 'If All This Did Was'

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Foodie Forever Program Pricing Options

The Paid In Full Option gives you immediate lifetime access to the Foodie Forever course AND all updates and livestreams happening within the group. The Payment Plan Option allows you the same access, but you get to spread your payments out over time. The monthly subscription allows you access as long as you want to stay subscribed to the program.